Holiday Dates


Dates for Session 2017  –  2018

Monday 21st August                       In-Service Day

Tuesday 22nd August                      First Day of Term 1

Friday 13th October                        Last Day of Term 1

Monday 30th October                     First Day of Term 2

Monday 13th November                  In-Service Day

Tuesday 14th November                  In-Service Day

Friday 22nd December                    Last Day of Term 2

Monday 8th January                       First Day of Term 3

Friday 9th February                         Occasional Holiday

Monday 12th February                    Mid-Term Holiday

Tuesday 13th February                    In-Service Day

Wednesday 14th February               In-Service Day

Thursday 29th March                      Last Day of Term 3

Monday 16th April                          First Day of Term 4

Monday 7th May                             Holiday

Monday 4th June                            Occasional Holiday

Friday 6th July                                Last Day of Term 4