Clatt Primary School is situated in the village of Clatt, approximately ten miles south of Huntly. The school is set in an attractive, rural part of the country. It is non-denominational and the catchment area is the village of Clatt and its surrounding countryside.

The nineteenth century building was renovated in 1985 and a new General Purpose room with a pitched roof was added in 1995. This new extension is joined to the original building via a linked corridor. This room replaces the old school canteen and now gives us a servery and dining area as well as ample space, which is used for Physical Education, Music, Drama and many other activities, including occasional use by the community.

The school provides education for children from P1 to P7. Clatt Primary School is a one-teacher school with the Head Teacher taking the class. The Head Teacher works closely with the Class Teacher to carefully plan the pupils’ work and pupils benefit greatly from the extra input and different experiences. Specialist teachers visit the school during the session to teach Music, Physical Education and Art. Clatt School is a member of the Huntly Community Schools Network (CSN). The schools involved with the Huntly CSN are Cairney, Drumblade, Forgue, Gartly, Glass, Gordon Primary, Insch, Kennethmont, Largue, Premnay and Rhynie. The schools group work collaboratively to address such issues as the curriculum, assessment, reporting, resources and any aspect which could further the quality of education for pupils in the Huntly area.

The teaching team is supported by a Pupil Support Assistant, School Administrator, Clerical Assistant, and a part-time Janitor. Kitchen and Cleaning staff are supplied by the Direct Services Organisation. Our Active Schools Coordinator provides a range of additional active and sporting activities for the children.

On leaving Clatt Primary School most pupils transfer to The Gordon Schools, Huntly.